The Boogeyman

Stop it.

Stop using fear to try and convince me that voting for the lesser of two evils is reasonable.

Stop trying to convince me that some orange goblin is going to destroy our country.

Just.  Stop.

The GOP has drifted off the end of the world. There is no hope left there, so why waste our time?

As for the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders will concede at the convention.  He will keep his word and not run as an independent, because he is an honorable man.  Then, the DNC will pay lip service to the Progressive ideals brought to the forefront by his campaign.  Finally, they will summarily ignore those ideals and keep drifting to the right – inexorably, unceasingly – in their Quixotic quest to stay relevant.

There is another way… all those independents, progressives, and conservatives who saw the importance of an equitable economy, who recognized that we need to get involved and stay involved to keep our government accountable to us, who long for principled leadership,  and who have seen past the illusion of choice in the two-party system have the opportunity to change how we choose our representatives.  Vote for Jill Stein. It would be monumental.  An intelligent, energetic woman from a third party serving as President and making change and hope a reality.

Maybe it is naive to believe there is enough political energy to allow her to win, but your vote would not be wasted.  By garnering a mere 5%-6% of the vote in most states, the Green Party is given the same advantages of public funding and access afforded to the other two parties.  It can happen for Libertarians, too, or any party that you feel actually represents you and what you value most.  It takes will.  It takes energy.  It takes courage.

You may fear a Presidential candidate who is a bloviating windbag without a shred of political capital, a wealthy dilettante and narcissist who will serve one useless term and be gone when he realizes that leadership is far too much work, a candidate whose own party is repulsed by the Frankenstein’s monster they have created.  The only reason his absurd and ridiculous mental drivel has a soapbox is thanks to the complicity of the media intended to watch out for us. He should have been laughed off the stage months ago, but the infotainment media does love their circuses – and the inevitable ratings that follow.  They’ve built him up into this frightening boogeyman from which we need a savior.  It’s brilliant, really, in it’s singular manipulative way.  But, I don’t fear him.  I don’t think about him at all, because he is truly irrelevant.  Even if he were to become President, he would oversee a four-year term where very little of consequence would change, because we have been headed this direction for over 30 years.

Politics in the US have been shifting economically conservative since 1980.  The Democratic Party decided to sell itself completely to the new captains of finance that erupted from the pustule of President Reagan’s deregulation and militarism binges of the 1980s.  Their betrayal of the people became complete with the financial deregulation and self-destructive (well, to workers and small business, anyway) trade agreements enacted under President Clinton in the 1990s.  Since then, both parties, while serving the only master that matters in this financial Gilded Age – money – snipe and spar over social issues and engage in nation toppling like so many toddlers in a sandbox, rather than battling over issues that have real meaning for families struggling to merely survive.  They throw us the crumbs while they feast.  And you think more of the same is a good idea?  I fear the status quo far more than I fear a reality star turned politician.

The status quo in D.C. serves two things – power and money – that happen to be the two most corrupting forces on earth.  Don’t you think it’s time to change that?

Stop trying to convince me that the 30+ year slide to the right by the Democratic Party isn’t so bad, that their betrayal of workers, the poor, and the vulnerable while they curry the favor of the wealthy and maintain their own power and wealth isn’t hypocrisy of the highest order.  Instead of universal health care, we have the smoke and mirrors of the ACA which still allows catastrophic, long term, and terminal health issues to result in bankruptcy and financial ruin.  It is not a step forward, it is a step sideways.  Instead of addressing environmental concerns head on, we have half-measures that prop up those who would destroy the world around us for their own gain.  Instead of doing the will of the vast majority of citizens and enact real reforms about gun ownership, we cower ineffectually in the face of moneyed lobbyists.  Always money.  Enough, already.

I don’t expect free stuff, I expect better utilization of resources.  We need a government that leads by protecting its most vulnerable, that accepts the rights of all to access quality healthcare, that places more value in people than armies, that doesn’t believe that the ability to pursue justice rests solely in the ability to kill, that recognizes exercising global influence means more than installing puppet governments, that understands that a healthy economy is built from the bottom up.  The Democratic Party has failed miserably in almost all of these, and I refuse to curse us all to more of the same.

My vote goes to Jill Stein, nominee of the Green Party.  We are long overdue to elect a leader who is a woman and we deserve a candidate who we can be proud to call Madam President.


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