When I Need It Most

The Irish Bird Assassin pleasantly surprised me with another installment of questions for our on-going mutual interview.  Nothing quite makes my mind swirl like her questions…

1. Your soul is on fire. What three aspects of your personality do you save?

Nothing like starting out in the deep end!  My sense of humor, my support of the underdog, and my general grumpiness.  Those are the three things I think that are at the core of who I am as an individual, and really, that is what the soul is about, for me.

2. Word-associate the following: delicious, smurfy, cantankerous, platitude, luxurious, scratchy, plush

yummy, blue, cranky, cliché, soaking, wool, Stone Temple Pilots

3. You’re given the chance to send one text message (140 characters, no more) to our friend who passed away last year. Would you do it?

Yes. “You will never fully know how much you meant, but  your influence shaped some of the best parts of me.  I miss you stupidly.”


4. Your eyes are quite distinctively handsome. Do you tend to play them up – specific colors, more or less, that sort of thing – when dressing more formally? Or is there some other aspect of your appearance that you tend to feature?

You are exceedingly kind to say so, and that does make me blush a little.  Flattery, even, honest flattery, will do that.  I have been known to wear some blue on occasion in order to bring them out a bit.  In truth, when I am dressing to impress, I tend to wear dark colors that hide the imperfections of my shape rather than emphasize the positives I might possess.  Of course, I have always relied on my personality rather than my appearance to make any kind of impression.  Truly, it might have done me more good to honestly embrace the reality of how I look rather than see it as a liability.  I guess we all need our own kind of empowerment.

5. You’ve recently branched into fish-keeping. Is this a first-time thing for you, or is it an old hobby renewed? What do you like best about it?

First-time for me.  While my family has always been pet-minded, I never enjoyed the company of animals when I lived alone.  This particular expansion of my pet palette is thanks to the good influence of the Gardening Beauty.  I am now a dog lover and fish watcher.   I have always appreciated the relaxing aspect of watching fish go about their frolicking.  Now that we have added an even more interesting denizen (a blue lobster), I find myself even more fascinated.  Thankfully, the Gardening Beauty is expert enough to set up and maintain the aquarium, and she has taught me enough to help us avoid the heartbreak of a flush funeral.


One thought on “When I Need It Most

  1. I love this conversation! Where my mind goes with these answers–
    1. Do you think that you see yourself the way that others see you? Do you think that these three would be mirrored by those closest to you?
    2. “Soaking” is the best. Answer-wise, in reality, all the way around.
    3. What a ridiculous question I posed, and what a dear, loving answer you gave. I think he would be honored and happy to know that. I think, in fact, that he is.
    4. Own it!
    5. There are Stories involving fish-keeping that shall be told elsewhere, over a bottle of brew (or three). For now: I’m glad that you’ve brought the love and joy of non-human companions into your life.

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