The Greatest Commandment

There are so few things in my life about which to complain that it boggles the mind.  For some reason, life has been good to me in so many ways.  I have an amazing family, a loving partner-in-crime, a job that pays most of the bills, decent health.  But why?  What did I ever do to deserve this?

The truth is, I have done nothing to deserve this.  This has become clear over the past few days’ struggles.  For every good thought or deed that passes through me, it is counter-balanced by countless thoughts and deeds that are selfish, gruesome, and appalling.   Many friends and acquaintances would be quick to disabuse me of this belief and try to convince me I am a good man, but the truth is I am deeply flawed.  I know they mean well, but the fact is, it is the acceptance and knowledge of my many weaknesses that motivates me to try and be better.  True, I often insanely make the same mistakes again and again, but I do not give up trying to be better.  The one thing that has remained through everything is a sense of  grace – the realization that the most valuable blessings in my life continue to flow, not because of what I do, but because of the Love of others.

Love Your Neighbor is not a suggestion, it is a reality.  My heart witnesses that reality every day in many ways, but it usually takes a personal stumble to make me recognize how Love really works in my life.


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