Just a Hint of Rage

There are a few songs upon which I can rely to help me work through aggression, anger, or frustration and prevent what otherwise would be certain loss of life as I rampage through the city like a very small version of Godzilla.  So, these songs just might have saved your life.  I am sure they saved mine somehow.  Definitely NSFW.  And the language ahead is both necessary and cathartic.  So there.  Listen to these LOUD.  No, LOUDER!

Rammstein  “Tier” –  heavy guitars, a throbbing beat, and a synth that sounds like a theremin.  This one makes me bang my head. Every. Single. Time.

Dead Sara “Weatherman” – Possibly the most intense vocal performance I have ever heard.  I never listen to this song just once, usually I repeat it three or four times at one sitting.  The lead singer and the lead guitarist out-rage just about anyone I have ever heard.  Cathartic is a word invented just to describe this song.

Rage Against The Machine “Killing In The Name” – Unapologetically political, Zack de la Rocha is an expert at giving the middle finger to almost anyone and anything. There is a live version performance on YouTube in which he literally does just that.  I have been known to scream out the last chorus of this song at full volume.  Just sayin’.


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