No News Is

She curled on the concrete, hard, drawing the heat from her pale skin,

The sobs choked in her lungs, unbidden, wielding daggers of fear.

Emptiness filled her with its infinite expanse, more alone than lonely.

Every nightmare, wretched darkness, crept from the corners

Drilled insidiously into her center.

Harsh, artificial light glared but left her isolated in shadows.

Footsteps above her, so far off, barely perceptible

We’re the only rhythms of hope.

The heavy cladding steps and creaks of the stair filled

Her with dread anticipation – light and dark.

She almost missed the breath, the unmistakable sensation of someoneness next to her

Not touching, not reaching, just breathing.

There was darkness, and fear, and dread…

And someone.


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