I was brainstorming for a possible story rambling through my head concerning a dystopian world.  I threw out all kinds of ideas of what kind of world would be the opposite of one in which I would want to live, and how would that reality occur.  Just throwing paint at the canvas, I came up with a list that was, at least to me personally, chilling.  It suddenly occurred to me that the alternate reality I was trying to concoct was possible.  Many of these ideas are certainly subliminally borrowed from other, far more talented authors.  Believe me, I do not fashion myself a possible George Orwell, Margaret Atwood, or Ray Bradbury.  But, it astonishes me that we walk such a thin line between what we accept as freedom, and what we might be willing to accept in order to remain uninvolved.


EXTREME Radical Right/Neo Libertarian Society

No abortion for any reason, whatsoever (girl raped – carry to term or back alley abortion? psychological scars)

Constant Warfare (PTSD)

Poverty is rampant – inequity –  extreme disconnect between haves and have-nots (no coverage of poverty in “news”, ‘all is well’ atmosphere)

No social safety net (death of elderly, sick and disabled)

Corporate monopoly (“free” trade has resulted in a handful or one large corporation controlling production, information and employment – company store – local trade banned)

Immigration-deportation (execution of illegal immigrants? Automatic deportation.  No path to citizenship – unless you have money)

Death penalty (applied to non-violent crime if committed by “minorities”)

Elections open only to white land owners

Health care unobtainable by poor

Debtor’s prison

Police – unquestioned authority, no warrants to search poor or minorities

Heavily Armed citizenry – extreme rendering of Second Amendment applied with prejudice (minorities vilified for owning guns, whites are “patriots”)

Christianity is only “acceptable” religion – Christianity with hypocrisy – wrath, not love

Privatization of EVERYTHING

Fracturing of country under weakened, ineffectual central government

How did it come to be?  Radical Party successfully overthrows government?  Assassination of leading conspiracy theorist and politician along with framing liberals as enemy of the state results in neo-conservative uprising?  Idiocracy?


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