There are few things as dangerous as when the trees and buildings emerge in a gauzy haze as if in a dream, and yet, for some reason beyond the comprehension of mankind, you encounter someone who has not engaged their headlights and taillights.  The automobile is a metal box that demands one thing, that your consciousness remain outside of it.  You are piloting a speeding pile of metal that can cause great harm to others.  Unfortunately, it is the very properties of the metal box that insulates drivers from the world around them.   Drivers take on a confrontational attitude, rather than a proactive attitude.  The radio, the phone, the GPS, the voices in your head, all take precedence over the fact that you have 1000s of pounds of force at your command.

After passing no fewer than half a dozen drivers with seemingly no concern for their fellow roadmates,  I grit my teeth, utter a profanity at no one in particular and continue on my merry way, cursing the stupidity of other drivers.

Then I look down, grimace, and turn on my headlights.


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