Feast or Famine

Food.  It is easy to look at me and know that I enjoy it very much.  One has to only see me consume my dinner in record time to understand that I have a near obsession with gluttony.  I suppose that is why the message this morning at church was especially significant.  It was based on an Old Testament story that at first look, has little to do with food.  Ahab and Jezebel are angry with Elijah for killing the prophets of Baal, so he escapes to the wilderness,  Alone and feeling defeated, he became depressed until God came to him and told him to eat.  He was comforted with food.  The message focused on how food is a shared experience, a chance to come together.

I have often found comfort in food.  Many great memories revolve around food.  However, I also have an unhealthy relationship to food.  But the point of today’s message is that food is a time to share.  One quote stayed with me… “it is not the food, but who we share it with, that matters. ”

I have never hungered, never gone without, never felt the emptiness.  Consider the emotional emptiness that goes along with physical hunger.  When you don’t have food, you miss the opportunity to connect with others, with your family, to share in each other.  Because even if you do not have the traditional meal around the table, for a short time you are sharing an experience.

When we are faced with the kind of cruelty and unkindness that seem all too common these days, when we witness the demonization of those who have little and the idolization of those who have more than they could ever need, when we starve ourselves so that we might arm ourselves against others, we miss completely the thing that makes us better.

Thank you to all of you in my life who strive to make life better.


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