Money Bags

Read an interesting article about how the DFL upended the Republicans in the last two elections in Minnesota.

The impressive part of the article was the way numerous organizations came together and found ways to efficiently get out their progressive messages.  The targeted canvassing was especially eye-opening.  I mean, if I was a conservationist, a call from the Sierra Club would definitely have more impact than a call from Planned Parenthood.  The efficiency and organization is truly amazing.

But, I was left upset by the unspoken truth: none of this happens without money.  Loads and loads of money, supplied by ridiculously rich people.  While I agree with their politics, it still upsets me that their voices are louder and their influence more pivotal merely because of their ability to amass wealth.  In that manner, they differ not a bit from their opposites across the ideological divide.  They are unduly influencing elections with their money.  Period.

The real issue that causes most people to not vote is a feeling of powerlessness, that their voices will not be heard.  This article proves that our votes are mere tools for those who can exercise the power of wealth.  This is another clear call for election finance reform.  The overwhelming influence of the wealthy has robbed us of one of the very real and important duties and rights we possess – the duty and right to govern ourselves.


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