Real Good

Interesting day.  The Gardening Beauty was perusing Craigslist, as is her wont on a Saturday morning, and came across an ad.  The person said her car had run out of gas, was sitting on the side of the highway, and she needed someone to meet her with gasoline so she could move it before it was towed.  She was broke because she had just put money into car repairs and payday was next Friday.  The Gardening Beauty announced that she was going to help her.

Of course, my cynicism radar was set on high and I saw a number of possible resolutions to this, which usually ended in the Gardening Beauty getting robbed or kidnapped.  With that, I reluctantly volunteered to accompany here.  Yes, reluctantly.  I had doubts of the veracity of the post, but the Gardening Beauty had her heart open and there was no stopping her.  Thankfully.

We met the woman at her house and drove her to her car, the entire time she was thanking us.  She was a single mom who works in a local memory care facility (both my Mom’s parents suffered from dementia for the last few years of their lives).  We put gas in her tank and told her we would follow her back to her place.  On the drive back, we decided to put more gas in her tank so she could get to work this week without worry.  We called her and told her what we anted to do.  We put some more gas in her tank and the Gardening Beauty told her the only thing we wanted was for her to pay it forward.

It was a humbling experience in having an open heart.  The Gardening Beauty has been in situations where she needed, and accepted, help from strangers.  She wanted to offer help, so she did.  She has made that a priority in her life, and I feel a sense of pride in her, and just a little shame in me that I would have never done that if not for her. The woman I love is obviously an exceptional woman, and my soul feels good.


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