Mirror, Mirror

1) Samantha Winters is very vain about her light blonde locks. What’s your best feature?

It’s my eyes.  Even I like them.  Enough so that when I was a child I would crawl up on the bathroom counter, look in the mirror and say, “Hello, Blue Eyes!”

2) Carly Simon is the daughter of a wealthy family (Simon & Shuster Publishing). Do you think your life would be very different if you knew there was a large sum of inherited money in your future?

Yes.  I would like to believe I would be somewhat the same – compassionate, slightly self-centered, affable, a little creepy.

3) October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Carly is a proud breast cancer survivor. Has breast cancer — or cancer of any type — touched you, your family or your circle of friends?

I doubt there is anyone left who it has not affected.  J’s grandmother, a truly wonderful woman – strong, independent, intelligent – succumbed to it.  It deeply affected J, obviously.

4) Carly has been known to perform with her sister, Lucy, and their oldest sister Joanna is a mezzo-soprano. Is your family musical?

Oh yeah.  Dad had a good voice.  Mom, LOVED music, and sang constantly even though she could not match pitch at all.  Li’l Sis loves to sing, even though she inherited Mom’s pitch awareness, and has an impressive ability to remember lyrics.  Big Sis had a beautiful voice, but I have not heard her sing for years.  Wish she would.

5) Carly suffers from stage fright, a liability in her profession. When was the last time fear got the better of you?

Fear gets me every day.  I hate talking on the phone and avoid it all costs.  Why?  I fear misspeaking.  When I write, I can edit.  There’s no good way of editing out the fact I do not have a quick wit when I am on the phone. Plus, as a visual person, i dislike the lack of body language and visual cues.

6) Do you wear hats?

Almost never.  Hats look terrible on me.  I once in a great while will wear a cap to prevent sunburn on my balding pate.

7) Autumn is known as “sweater weather.” Is there a chill in the air where you are today?

It was muggy after the storms last night, but it has cooled off tremendously since the sun set.  But I adore that chill.  Some people see Autumn as a time of death, but I see beauty and everything seems to make me reminisce. The smells, The sights. it’s a great time of year.

8) Do you drink bottled water?

Used to, but I prefer not to now.  When they stop selling it in plastic bottles and stop selling tap water… maybe.

9) What color is your toothbrush?

White and blue with a few bits of cinnamon toothpaste.  I try to keep it clean, but to be honest, I’m a messy brusher.


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