Eye to Eye

The Irish Bird Assassin has had yet another positive impact on me. When we last met for drinks, I commented how impressed I was that she maintained eye contact with the server as much as possible. SHe said something wise and intelligent that, unfortunately, I have forgotten enough even to paraphrase. However, the incident stayed with me.

Tonight, while dining at a local establishment with The Gardening Beauty, that memory came back when I realized I hardly looked or made contact with the server. You see, I tend to not look up when ordering, and upon reflection, that seems rather discourteous. This is a fellow human being who deserves to be acknowledged, So, in order that I might connect better with those whose paths cross mine, I am making an effort this week to really look people in the eye and let them know that they are important enough to demand my attention, if even for a moment.

We all could use more connections. Especially now.


2 thoughts on “Eye to Eye

  1. [There should be a caveat on this one: the waiter that night was pretty good-looking….]

    In all seriousness, as I recall it, our conversation about eye contact led into a discussion of “be still,” and continues to inform/inspire my contemplation on that subject. I was in that restaurant with you, and your company was my focus for the evening (with additional consideration for our drinks, our meal, and of course, our friend). But neither of us lost anything in the time that we took to have a brief conversation with the waiter, to be engaged with him during the time that he was with us over the course of the evening. He was polite, friendly, and attentive without intrusion. He made our night better. In return, we were as good to him as we could be, under the circumstances. Don’t you think?

    • Absolutely! But without your attention to him, that moment to connect would have been lost. It really had an effect on me. As for his attractiveness, I will leave that to you to measure. 😉

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