Lions, Gorillas and Chimps, Oh My!

A friend of mine traveled to Italy and Africa (not her first time) and just shared her pictures on Facebook. I don’t know why, but the pictures were just so incredibly moving. Maybe it’s the knowledge that I was only one degree removed from the incredible beauty of both places. Maybe it was her sharing of the incredible experiences she had while there. But I have seen pictures of both places before, and from people I know. Somehow, these were even more emotionally inspiring for me.

I have known Safari Heart since college. She is fun, funny and wildly talented as an actor. We shared the stage only once, and it was a fabulous time. We lost touch until, through the wonders of Facebook, we reconnected. One great thing about that is discovering sides of people which you were previously unaware. She has a remarkably big heart, even though she has lived a life filled with challenges. One sees the word “inspirational” too much nowadays, but it does apply to her.

In any case, I am asking her if I can post a few pictures on the blog and share her sense of wonder and joy with the world. Or at least my little part of it. If she agrees, great! If not, just know that what she experienced was amazing beyond mere words.

Traveling vicariously is a pretty good substitute when you have a proxy as excited and inspired as you would be.


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