Love Is The Law

Today when I woke up, I noticed a few things. The sun rose in the east, meaning the world was turning on its axis. The birds were singing. People were making their groggy-eyed way either to or from work, or setting out on a long weekend vacation. The dogs needed to be let out. Flowers were blooming, as usual. And in Minnesota and Rhode Island and 11 other states, gay couples were getting married.

And you want to know something? It had an effect on me and my relationship. It’s not supposed to, I guess, but it did. The love these people were able to finally share legally with each other made my relationship more important. As long as that block is up, preventing love from flourishing fully for all people, love is diminished. By keeping the joy of marriage away from one group of people who so obviously value and cherish their love, we make it elitist, when it is a basic human right. Love is a right. And we all need to exercise that right every day.

Currently, in Minnesota and 12 other states, love is now the law. Loving couples can now enter into marriage and know that they can be a family and be recognized as such under the law. That solidifies and adds worth to my own relationship, because I know in my heart that this is right and good. One just has to look at the children in these pictures to see the joy and happiness that a loving family provides, whether it is one mom, one dad, two moms or two dads. Love is good. And the world continues on, just a little better.

(The title was inspired by my friend Mark who used it on FB.)


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