Massive Attack

Massive Alphabet Meme, part one

The Letter A 
Are you agnostic?

Sometimes I am.  But usually I find myself believing in God, especially when I just think about the insane complexity and interconnectedness of everything.  Evolution is fact, the earth is billions of years old, but I can’t shake the feeling it was set in motion by God.

What is your age?

Now that’s just impolite!  I have experienced six decades. How’s that for vaguely specific?

What annoys you?

Why focus on the negative so early?  Why not what amazes me?  I hereby declare this question rewritten!  Laughter, the bluffs in the Upper Mississippi River valley, humankind’s ability to be charitable, science, art, music.

The Letter B

Do you like bacon?

This I do.  Not as an everyday consumable, but it has its place.

When is your birthday?

On the day I was born.  We celebrate the event yearly.  And it falls between Thanksgiving and Labor Day. (See what I did there?)

Who is your best friend?

I am blessed with a small circle of friends that I consider dear and beloved.  Giving any of them precedence over the others seems trite.

The Letter C

What is your favorite candy?

I really like those mini-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Or Almond Joy.

Who is your crush?

I have many and have had many.  KTT is certainly a crush. Has been for years.

When was the last time you cried?

This past week.  Watched a video about Koko the Gorilla mourning the death of her pet kitten.  It was fascinating and touching.

The Letter D

Do you daydream?

Almost constantly.  I love my imagination.

What is your favorite kind of dog?

I do not have a favorite kind.  I like or don’t like dogs based on their individual personalities.  Except for poodles.  I don’t like poodles.  Ah, those little hypocrisies. 🙂

What day of the week is it?

Are you having memory issues?  You should get that checked out.  Seriously.  It’s Thursday.

The Letter E

How do you like your eggs?

Cooked.  Preferably fried and in a sandwich, but scrambled is fine.

Have you ever been in the emergency room?

Yes.  I had impacted wax in my ear (delightful, huh?) that was giving me excruciating pain.  It was cleared out and since then, I regularly irrigate my ears.

What’s the easiest thing to ever do?

Fall.  It takes no effort whatsoever.

The Letter F

Have you ever flown in a plane?

Yes.  The first was a Cessna 172 for a high school Aerospace Science class.  Loved it!  Since then I have flown in DC-9s and 737s a few times.

Do you use fly swatters?

Yes, but I am miserably inaccurate just the same.

Have you ever used a foghorn?

No, but I do like Foghorn Leghorn.  Funny guy!

The Letter G

Do you chew gum?

Yes, cinnamon.  Helps keep my chronic halitosis in check.

Ever tried gazpacho?

Yes.  Not bad.

Are you a giver or taker?

Both.  Aren’t we all?  I know not one person who has given but never taken, and vice versa.

The Letter H

How are you?

Generally fine.  No major health issues, aside from my weight.

What’s your height?

5 foot 9 and something inches, and gradually shrinking.

What color is your hair?

Was dark brown, is now primarily gray.  Wait, are you looking to steal my identity?  Do you ask for my SSN when we get to ‘S’?

The Letter I

What is your favorite ice-cream?

Chocolate with fudge and caramel.  And peanut butter.

Have you ever ice-skated?

No.  Slipped on the ice a few times, though!

Do you play an instrument?

Played trumpet and baritone horn in middle school, play a smattering of piano, and I utilize my voice on occasion.

The Letter J

What is your favorite jelly bean?


Do you wear jewelry?

Not at all.  No watch, no rings, no necklaces.

Have you heard a really hilarious joke?

Plenty, but I am the worst joke re-teller in the history of jokedom.

The Letter K

Whom do you want to kill?

No one.  How hideous!  Now, there are some people who would probably make the world a little nicer place in their absence, but I would not kill them, nor have them killed.  Just have their influence diminished significantly.

Do you want kids?

Yes.  But that is not an option for me for a number of reasons.  So, I delight in the joys of other people’s kids.  All the fun with almost none of the hassle.

Where did you go to kindergarten?

A small parochial school.  With the best kindergarten teacher ever.

The Letter L

Are you laid-back?


Do you lie?

More often than I should, but less than I have in the past.

Do you love anyone?

I love many people.  The Gardening Beauty, IBA, Mom and Dad, my family… it’s a long list.

The Letter M

What is your favorite movie?

How can i reduce my joy in movies to a single favorite?  I will always stop and watch “The Green Mile” and “Shawshank Redemption” when they are on.  The last movie that truly made me drop my jaw in amazement was “Avatar”.  The 3D and CGI were beyond amazing.  I have not felt so engrossed in a movie watching experience since I first saw Star Wars in 1977.

Do you still watch Disney movies?

On occasion.

Do you like mangoes?

Yes, in fact, I do.  Although I had one that was past it’s prime the other day and it was… blech.


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