The Third Deadly Sin. Or Fourth.

I am a glutton. I consume far more than I produce and enjoy it far more than I should. There have been thousands of dollars wasted on food I did not need to eat. I ate because: I was hungry (once in a while), because I needed comfort (more often), because I could (easily the majority). Is my gluttony a selfish show of power? Sadly, that may be the case. Imagine a Roman emperor gorging himself and you have a pretty clear picture of my relationship to food. It’s ridiculous.

And it’s not just food. I tend to overindulge in anything I like: music, sensuality, adrenaline, sloth. It’s the basest instinct and I seem to have fully embraced it. And it runs counter to all my heartfelt ideals. While I am very giving emotionally, there is a disconnect when it comes to anything material.

We all live our own hypocrisies.


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