Rant on a Summers Night

Heat and humidity. More accurately, heat and a high dew point. Oh, how that convergence of weather related occurrences strikes dread into me. It appears there is a small cult of people who actually enjoy that kind of weather, but its appeal escapes me. Completely.

You should know that I have a high body fat percentage and apparently have a fully operational smelting furnace buried inside me. In short, I give off body heat like a dragon breathing fire in a volcano. Great for cold, snowy evenings, but debilitating on sweltering, dead calm nights.

Give me a crisp, cool (even cold and bracing) day that invigorates and makes you feel alive. The aforementioned heat and high dewpoint covers the day in a wet blanket that makes me want to… blurgh. What is blurgh? It is the onomatopoetic term that describes near-dormancy. Basically, this weather makes me want to hibernate, which is obviously counter-intuitive.

Right now I am sitting and sweating. Sitting. And Sweating. Blurgh.


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