Hey There, Stranger!

It’s been too long since I last utilized my blog.  There have been times that I have composed lucid, eloquent posts in my head during my drive to and from work, but, alas, they never made it from my brain to here.  It turns out public radio is great inspiration for thought.  Hopefully, I will be able to render you speechless with my incredible mental gymnastics more often on here.  Or at least you’ll get a good laugh out of it.

The Gardening Beauty and I are enjoying life right now.  Miss Poops-a-Lot keeps us laughing and on our toes, and offers cuddles just when we need them.  Today, we found what we believe will be our church home here.  We both were raised in the Wisconsin Synod, which is quite conservative.  I was fortunate that my previous church had wonderful and friendly members and a decent man as pastor.  However,  I was never able to reconcile the synod’s stance on women and gays with my own.  They take these stances based upon their belief that the Bible states that women are subject to their husbands and may not take official positions in the church, and that homosexuality is a sin.  I have serious issues with both these positions.

So the last two weeks we attended a very nice church.  It’s situated just outside of town in a beautiful spot.  They are a small but active congregation, and the one thing that struck us immediately was that there was a nice mix of older and younger members.  Unfortunately, many churches are either tilted toward the very young (kids and twenty-somethings) or have grown old.  There seemed to be a vibrant feeling to this church and it began with the pastor.  She is in her 30s and very personable.  Her sermons, both weeks, have struck a chord in both of us and moved us deeply, which is what a sermon should do.  The members have been very kind and welcoming.  I have a singing voice that stands out, so some made kind comments on my hymn singing, which is nice to hear and maybe makes it easier to approach us as it gives folks an excuse to say hello.

Then, this afternoon we attended a local trade show put on by the city business league.  While taking with the pastor there (the church had a booth set up), we discovered that they have a community garden from which they donate to local food shelves.  That immediately appealed to the Gardening Beauty and the charity impressed both of us.  This is a church that lives and breathes what I have always felt is at the core of Christianity – love for God and for one another.  In fact, I feel a vibrant feeling of love from this church and believe attending this church will have a positive impact for us.  And hopefully we can help them in their mission.  It makes me smile just thinking about the people we have already met and the good things we have experienced so far.

It feels good to find a home.


One thought on “Hey There, Stranger!

  1. It’s good to see you back here!

    This post made me smile. What a good feeling it is to know that one’s feelings and values are reflected by others, particularly those in a position that one objectively wishes to respect. I’m glad you’re both making and finding a home. Congratulations, and keep up the good work. 🙂

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