Ramble On


It’s never been a characteristic that embodies me.  And yet, it is there when I need to call upon it.  It just gets used rather selectively.  Apparently, I have some control issues, in that, I like to be in control of a situation.  This is a rather monumental realization, as I always considered myself a “go with the flow” guy.  But, that is also a highly selective trait.  I can go with the flow when the issue is not important, but when it is something I have a vested interest in… so long, patience!

Part of the problem is that I am also passionate. My emotions very rarely ever manifest themselves half-way… it’s all or nothing , baby!!  And that has been the source of myriad troubles throughout my young (you”re only as old as you want to be!!) life.

Instant gratification, now THAT is something that embodies me.: impulsive, bull-headed, even slightly hedonistic depending upon the situation. Slowly, my finances are starting to improve, but it has taken great effort, because it means facing my weaknesses.  Interpersonal relationships of the romantic kind still cause major struggles, because it is a lot to ask for someone else to accept passion, impulse and impatience.

Personal growth… admirable goal or annoying fungus?


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