Prose Fragment 2

She sat across from him and could not help but be repulsed a bit.  It was only weeks ago that they had met.  He had given her a note that was kind and flattering that she acknowledged, and that had opened a floodgate of kindness and flattery from him.  She should have been attracted to his kindness, but she wasn’t.  It was not enough to keep her attention.  You gotta have some physical attraction.  He had crooked teeth and an overbite, thin hair and a Charlie Brown face – no distinguished features, just wishy-washy.

That summed up his personality as well.  Nothing exciting.  Oh, he could be funny, that’s true.  He had a self-deprecating way and used it to humorous effect, but he had all the backbone of a willow tree, or so it appeared to her.  She needed someone strong-willed.  At least, more strong-willed than the nice but spineless lump across from her.

Who did he think he was, anyway, to climb into her life with all his compassion and empathy and upset the cautious equilibrium she had established?  Didn’t he understand that life is a tightrope walk between being nice and being an ass?  What had ever possessed him to jump off and become just nice? She needed a bad boy, or at least the illusion of douchebaggery that comes with the bad boy aesthetic.  Of course, every woman wants to meet a nice guy, but no woman is actually attracted to one.  Did this guy not get the memo fer chrissakes?

Gawd, she was bored.  Why doesn’t he do something?  Why doesn’t he piss me off or something, something to make me hate him?  No… he’ll just sit there and kill me with kindness.  He’ll give me that interested look with those blue eyes, the one feature he had going for him, and for a short time it will make me feel good that he cares, but then what?  He’ll probably want to kiss me or something more and I just can’t stand for that.  We’re just friends.  Yeah, that’s it.  Just friends.  He’ll understand and accept that because that’s just the kind of nice guy he is.  And I’ll meet someone else and pretty soon this burden will be gone.  Just gotta limp along and put with him for a little longer, maybe make him think I’m interested just a little bit.  Yeah, it’s a little mean, but it might be worth it.

But she was still repulsed a bit.



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