Everything Old is New Again

What interesting twists life takes.  Was on a date with The Storyteller and her son this past Sunday.  We were traveling in my trusty Toyota Camry, which I have driven for 11 years.  Well, driven does not quite explain it… I have used, abused and gone to Hades and back with this car.  In any case, the Camry finally gave out and either threw an engine bearing or a piston went through the cylinder wall.  Thankfully, The Storyteller is one of the most wonderful women I know, and was calm and collected throughout everything.  Through some familial assistance (her father and my sister), we managed to make it to the movie and get her and her son back home safely, although a little later than expected.  Yes, we felt like high school students relying on our parents and siblings to tote us around, but everything worked out.   To top it off, she was kind enough to call when I was on my way home and thank me for a good time!  Told you she was awesome.

So, Sunday, Monday and today were days full of stress.  However, they were made significantly less stressful thanks to the efforts of Amazing Little Sister, who once again proved that she is the one person I want on my side during the zombie apocalypse.  She thrives in crisis situations like no one I have known.  She was the one who found me my apartment when J and I split, she was the only one courageous enough to sit with her mother-in-law when she died and helped her in-laws plan the funeral (these same people would never return the favor if the roles were reversed), and now… she worked her magic again.  She set up personal financing (my credit score is the same value as absolute zero [-273 Kelvin]), located a number of possible vehicular options, and negotiated an incredible final price on the vehicle finally purchased.  She also christened my new car. It is a Ford Taurus, so it is a very “vanilla” car.  Vanilla bean.  Mr Bean!  She is genius!!

I will miss the Camry.  We have been through accidents, speeding tickets (the first during my first week of ownership!), scrapes, sliding downhill sideways, spun backwards hanging off a snow drift in the median of an Iowa highway, delivering newspapers to rural customers in all kinds of weather… and all of it with nary a complaint or a need for major repairs.  Many positive memories are connected to the Camry and it is fitting that its final act was limping into a gas station, so that we would not be stranded on the highway.  Farewell, my trusty friend!!

So, I sit here exhausted, but incredibly grateful.  Grateful that I have met a wonderful person who is kind and gracious.  Grateful for a new, reliable vehicle to replace my old, reliable vehicle. But most grateful for a sister, and family, who has my back 110%.  There is nothing better.


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