It has come to my attention that I have a few interesting exclamations which I use rather than cursing when in public, and often in private.  Oh, I am definitely capable of throwing out profanity with the raunchiest of them, believe me, but I nurtured a habit over time of using other words in place of curse words in order to groom a more pleasing public persona.

So, without further ado, a few choice words…

Jiminy Christmas

Good Gravy Marie (thanks to my HS choir director)

Fudge Knuckles

Oh pickles! (this is actually my niece’s favorite to use, and I just had to include it)

Cheese and Crackers

God bless America and all her ships at sea!

Dunder wetter ein mal (thanks to my grandmother!)


Shiballs (rhymes with kibbles… actually more of a contraction than a replacement)

Do you have any that you prefer?  Please share them!


2 thoughts on “Exclamations

  1. “Jiminy Christmas” is hardly yours alone. Sheeeeeesh.
    I like to use “cheese Louise.” However, “God bless America and all her ships at sea!” made me laugh out loud. +1!

  2. Oh, I would never claim copyright or exclusivity on these. They are just what I use when I need and they are open to freely distribute. Liking cheese Louise!

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