World Domination

Yesterday I received a text from the Storyteller.  “Do you know how to play Risk?”

Thus commenced a road trip southward and an evening of playing a game of Risk with the Storyteller and her son that was dappled with a number of perfect moments.  Her son was very excited to finally learn to play the game he received for Christmas.  As noted previously, she is hilarious and has passed on some of that hilarity to her progeny, within the limitations of an 11-year-old paradigm.  Pizza, beer (the root variety for the minor) and ice cream were consumed.  Belching was utilized as a good luck charm for rolling the dice, with mixed but universally hysterical results.  Fluid (her) and spastic (me) dancing to classic rock and dance music provoked rolling eyes from the boy.  Running jokes involved “Again!”, one MILLION dollars, and a 20-incher.  After the young one’s bedtime, gently intertwined on the futon with an impossibly attractive woman watching Office Space.  Gave a back-rub to the aforementioned, who was in desperate need of one.  Succeeded in putting her to sleep – I actually view this as a victory, as a back rub artist of some reputation.  A hug goodbye.  And that’s it.  Simple, beautiful, ad hoc… and full of awesomeness.

A moment come and gone, but I would like to savor the goodness for a while.


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