Heavy Rotation

There are a few songs lately that I have been returning to over and over and with which I have been tormenting my poor friends via Facebook.  It seems when a song grabs me, it holds tight and will not let go.  My obsessive nature has no boundaries, apparently.

In order of bearded awesomeness…

5. The Tune Yards – Bizness

A ukelele, two saxophones, a bass, some drums and an amazing voice.  And it was recorded in the studios of the best radio station on earth.  So different and fresh and strange and cool.  When Merrill says, “C’mon do it,” that’s exactly what you want to do.


4. Gary Clark, Jr. – Bright Lights

From the opening riff to the soulful voice to those badass mirrored shades, this song just drips cool.  And Doyle Bramhall is a heck of a guitarist in his own right.


3. Charlie Parr – 1922

A National guitar and a voice and aesthetic right out of a Woody Guthrie song with a healthy dose of the blues and all the things that make American music worthwhile… Charlie Parr.  Genius.


2. The Sheepdogs – How Late How Long

Sometimes we all long for the simpler rock and roll times of the 1970s, when rock and roll was full of guitars and drums and a bass and smacked you right in the groin with a wall of power.  The Sheepdogs are the cure for your malaise.  Makes me want to jump into a Dodge Charger and drive fast.  Thanks to IBA for introducing me to this bit of awesomeness. (I kinda dig how Ewan Currie stares into the middle distance when he’s playing at the beginning… cracks me up!)


1. 4onthefloor – Junkie

Forget for a moment that the gritty riff, the primal yowl of Gabriel Douglas, and the thumping drums are hitting you like a sledgehammer of rock, and just bask in the glory of the perfect beard.


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