This has been a remarkable week.

Monday began with birthday wishes for Ooma and a nice return message that warmed my heart a bit.  Very happy to call her my friend.  Then, met the Firecracker for dinner and had a great time bonding over politics and sarcasm.  If she ran for office, I’d vote for her!  Reminds me a bit of J with her outspoken nature.

Had another fascinating conversation and beers with the Irish Bird Assassin. Enjoyed my Leinie’s Creamy Dark and her Carlsberg Elephant, was not so enthusiastic about Horny Goat, although she dug it.  Time simply flies by whenever she is back here visiting and we get together.  Last night, had it not been for the storm, I think we would have talked until the sun came up.  But then, whenever we get together, it seems like there is always so much to say.  Re-connections are sometimes the best connections.

Today, the Storyteller replied to me with a truly heart melting message.  She had someone tell her she’s better looking now than when she was younger, and I agreed. Then she asked, “Why?”  I couldn’t come up with a good explanation on the spot, but during the drive home, realized what it was.  So, I fired off a quick email when I got home that explained that truly beautiful people may possess a physical attractiveness, but are nothing without depth.  She happens to radiate friendliness and joy and complexity and strength.  She surprised me with how this moved her, and it really helped put an exclamation point on this week so far.

Once again, a recurring theme… life is good!



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