Ergo Ego

Met Ooma’s boyfriend today… what a relief.  After weeks of wondering what he was like, I finally was able to meet him face-to-face.  And I can say that it really put my heart and mind to rest.  This may sound weird or cold or… something, but if that is the kind of guy to whom she is attracted, I feel pretty darn good about myself!

This is not sour grapes.  She seems to be happy and that is what truly matters to me as her friend.   But I cannot deny that my ego received a slight boost.  He seems to be a very nice guy, so I won’t disparage him, although apparently he has some of the same smothering issues I do, which I find interesting in its irony.  He is a man’s man, in that he is far handier and stronger than I.  He is taller and has most of his hair, which is it’s original color.  Doesn’t seem to be much of a conversationalist nor possessing of a vibrant sense of humor or personality.  Not musically inclined as far as I know.  She has told me he is very nice to her.  However, she has a history of ditching guys who are very nice to her for guys who are less than nice to her, so who knows how they interact away from the public.

Actually, when it comes down to it, based on her past guys and now her new guy… I have no idea whatsoever what really attracts her.  I have input from another source that confirms my confusion, as that source also questioned what it was that attracted Ooma to him.  I mean, obviously there is something, so for now it will have to remain a mystery.

So, I am neither crushed nor hurt, since all that confusing emotion is past and gone.  Just puzzled. And happy that I am who I am.


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