Ruminations on a New World

What an interesting, unexplored place I am going.  For the first time in my existence, I am seriously and deeply interested in three separate women, simultaneously.  All three are fascinating and kind.  And they truly could not be more different.  One is a firecracker, full of sarcastic wit, very outspoken and bluntly honest, and yet, has a heart truly made of gold.  Another is strong, physically and mentally, sexy, very fun-loving with a casual approach, gives nearly perfect hugs, and is one of the funniest storytellers I have met.  Another is sweet, very driven but able to acknowledge her fragility, funny and talkative, health-conscious, and committed to always improving herself.

All three have found ways to continually surprise me.  Firecracker showed me a soft, compassionate side to her that often gets hidden behind her brash personality.  Storyteller called me out of the blue after a week of non-communication for a spur of the moment road trip to a really cool bar in Iowa.  And Sweetness opened up to me and revealed a quiet strength that was humbling.

They also have challenged me.  Firecracker is quite unsentimental, and respecting that while still maintaining an important part of who I am is key.  She quietly and politely ignores most of my sentimental utterances, but once in a while it finds a crack.  Storyteller doesn’t stay in touch, but when we do engage, it is some of the most fun I have had in ages.  Laughter flows like wine.  At the bar, the owner’s wife looked at us and said, “You are such a fun couple.  You have been sitting there laughing and having fun all night!”  And we had been!  Sweetness is a workaholic and has one of the busiest schedules I have ever encountered and we still have not met a face-to-face.  Yet, she finds time to call or text on a regular basis.

So, if the needle dropped today and I was forced to make a choice?  I honestly don’t know.  I am leaning toward Sweetness because I feel such a wonderful, positive vibe when we talk and she isn’t afraid to talk about politics or religion.  Yet, without that face-to-face, all bets are off.  Storyteller really surprised me when we last got together by igniting a real connection.  I felt the full force of her beauty and personality that night and I really liked it.  And Firecracker makes me laugh and think and sharpen my wit, and she also has not one ounce of pretense or BS.

But I don’t have to make that choice right now.  No.  My responsibility is to be honest with them and myself, and enjoy and savor every experience with which I have been blessed. And be thankful for this wealth of riches.  Regardless of where anything goes, these are three people with whom I want to remain friends.

Such a strange, new,and exhilarating place to be…


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