These posts here are a picture.  They capture points in time. Taken as a series they offer a history of sorts.  As with all pictures, there are some that are more interesting, more treasured, more revealing, and more embarrassing.  Last night’s post fits in most embarrassing.  Not because I am ashamed of it, but because it showed me at a vulnerable point, a point at which I usually don’t share myself.  But one thing this blog insists upon is honesty.  After all, why blog if I’m not going to be honest?

Being angry and seeing it in retrospect makes me feel foolish.  Kind of like drunken pictures from college.  Some are funny, and some are object lessons.

So, I re-read and try and learn and process.  I am not angry tonight, although I was in a sour mood this morning.  Emotions shift with the wind sometimes.  I do feel ridiculous because of my obvious selfishness, and the foolishness of still having passionately negative emotions about someone who has been nothing but nice to me.  Time will heal these things, ultimately.

And so, time keeps moving in a direction.  It’s not a line, because there is so much we do that affects how we experience it.  It’s really a wave, or a mass, like a glacier.  And once in a while, we need to pause and take a picture.


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