Sometimes we question if we are living a full life.  That is not something that I am questioning at this point.  I have discovered the immense pleasure of embracing those in my life about whom I care most while still reaching out to others.  It is astonishing the breadth of experience and heart that is out there beyond our own horizons.

My family never ceases to amaze me with the depth of their love.  Are we perfect?  Hardly.  But we always come together for each other and we definitely have each others’ backs.  And that is a real comfort.

My friends always prove invaluable for their ability to be there just when I need them most, and always without being asked.  I adore them and respect them so much and treasure them beyond words.  Each of them plays a unique role in my life, and each one is important to me.

There are two new people that I can now count truly as friends in my life.  Both female (I tend to make friends much easier with women than men… I guess because I am far more open with them) and both amazing.  They are compassionate, even though life has thrown them experiences that would harden the hearts of some.  I find this a very attractive trait, because I hold kindness as the highest virtue.  And I have come to care for them greatly in a short time.

Plainly, I am addicted to friendship and love.  It’s one addiction I will maintain without guilt.

And my life, while not cluttered with material possessions, is overflowing with people who are far more valuable.


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