Just Wait Until My Voice Changes

Apparently, jumping headlong into the deep end of the online dating pool was just what I needed!  I figured I needed to make an effort and take a risk, so I dashed headlong into the teeth of possible rejection and emailed a bunch of women who I found interesting and attractive.  Got ignored by many, received some nice messages back from some.  And am now in the middle of an exchange of messages with three really cool and interesting women.

Honestly, I am enjoying the heck out of this.  Even have a possible first date lined up, pending schedules.  As long as I keep focusing on having fun and enjoying the moment without adding unnecessary pressures, this should be a blast.

It’s interesting… obviously everyone on there is looking for attention.  It feels good to be wanted.  But after that, there are a few who are on there for a hook up (definitely WAY more men than women fit in that category), there are a few who are desperately lonely, there are a few who like finding email friends, there are a number of serial daters, some are just looking for “activity partners”, and then there are the vast majority who are really hoping to hit the dating jackpot and find “the one”, or at least “a one”.  It’s really no more weird than finding your true love in a bar, or randomly bumping into someone at the grocery store.   But, there will always be a stigma attached to online dating, I suppose.  We’re all just finding our way and hoping to find someone with whom we can share the journey.


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