If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is

I am slowly re-discovering the lost art of flirting.  Well, labeling my ‘moves’ as art is quite presumptuous and completely inaccurate.  I’m not smooth by any means, but it is rather fun to throw myself out there, especially now that I am in the mood for it.  Let’s face it, I can make people laugh, and that’s always a good way to break the ice.   Besides, I need to keep busy and distract myself from the ridiculous melancholy that has taken hold of me the past couple weeks.

Last weekend I went dancing with my sister and her friends.  Danced like the spastic goofball that I am, and even had some fun laughing and chatting (well, as much as possible on a dance floor) with a cute girl.  Decided to buy her a beer, which she turned down.  No problem, gave the beer to my sister’s friend and kept on dancing.  Shot down, but who cares?  I was having fun anyway.

Jumped back into the online thing.  Have a profile up on a couple sites.  It’s actually an interesting way to meet people.  I had fun going on a couple dates with a great woman I met online, although nothing came of it.  Interesting conversation is right up there on my list of ways to spend time productively.  So, I consider those three or four dates time very well spent.  Have emailed a couple other interesting women… well, at least their profiles are intriguing.  We shall see what happens.

And, on Tuesday I went out with some music friends to a bar for after-concert beverages and bar food and was served by a really nice and attractive woman.  Now, those who know me understand that I am not a risk-taker.  So, when the guys I was with jokingly prodded me to leave her my number (I was the only single one at the table), I just laughed it off.  But now, I am actually semi-seriously considering a short road trip to have a drink and leave my number with her.  Heck, she might be dating or even married for all I know, but what do I have to lose?  My dignity?  Ha!!  Can’t lose what you don’t have.  And if it’s a no go, so what?  At least I made an attempt, for once.

Then there is this really nice girl at the Kwik Trip.  Walked in tonight, she was doing a job I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy (cleaning grease out of a floor mat) and we exchanged hilarious banter.  (Ok, so it was merely mildly amusing banter, but still…)  She’s unflappably nice, and I respect that.  Anyway, it’s fun to flirt a little, even if there is nothing else than that.

The thing is, I am a relatively decent guy.  And there are a lot of really interesting women out there.  Might as well get to know some of them and have some good times.


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