Questions for which I really need to find answers, even if some of the questions seem rhetorical…

Why is it so easy to neglect, dislike and hate and so difficult to understand, love and empathize?

Why do I feel the need to internalize pain instead of relying on the help of others?

How does one act “normal”?  I’ve seen it countless times, but can’t manage it.

If insanity is making the same decisions and expecting different results, am I going mad?

At what point did I veer from self-love into self-loathing?

Is it possible to feel open and giving and still be completely self-absorbed?

Why do I insist on pushing people away when I don’t get what I want?

Is passion a good thing or a bad thing?

Do I ask too many questions?

Why is it such a struggle to simply be thankful for all that I have, instead of always looking for something else?

Why can’t I just have faith?

Is there anything quite as pathetic as navel-gazing in a public forum?

Is there really a happy medium?

Should I stop being so open with my emotions?

Can I find my way back to friendship?

How many people reading this are shaking their heads right now?

Why can I not accept the moment for what it is?

Is being with someone really that important to me?  Why?

What do I need to do to control my impulsive nature?

When will I grow up?

Where do I fit?

What is the grand scheme, at least for me?

Why can’t I treat people as well as they deserve to be treated?  When did that change?

At what point did I become so selfish?  Or was I always like this?


One thought on “Pondering

  1. Brian….Not shaking my head….seeing myself in the majority of the questions and knowing that I have a lot of things I need to work on also….Rebecca

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