Wearing It On My Sleeve Again

So… honesty is the best policy with friends.  I was honest about how I felt and received a nice honest phone call from my friend.  Even the most ridiculously putzy actions can bring about a positive effect.

She has not been avoiding me, but she has been very busy.  I knew that she was busy, to some extent, but apparently work has made her unbelievably, incredibly busy.  And she wants to sit and talk, but has not had the time.

Feeling rather foolish for feeling angry and hurt, but not apologetic about it.   I felt that way for a reason, however flawed.  Also, feeling really stupid for just adding to her concerns.  Of course, as friends, that is just part of what we do – show concern about each other.  But, I often worry that I dump too much weight on my friends.  Even now, I am worried that I made her feel guilty!  Although, if I am truly honest with myself, making her feel a little guilty was part of the reason I left her the note.  Funny, we are capable of some uncool things given our emotional states.  In my case, sometimes I am a little bit ugly inside.

That’s probably one reason I just spew forth on here – spreading out the burden.  Can’t keep a freak like me to myself, can I?

As you well know, I am not one for subtlety.  I need an anvil over the head to “get it”.  Well, sometimes the anvil is softer than you expect.  And you end up “getting it” in a different way.

I think my patience meter just got a little recharge.  About dang time.


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