Turning Point

I wept today.  At work.  Fortunately I was working alone in shipping when a sudden wave of sorrow washed over me and sent me into gentle spasms of crying.  It was unexpected, but a little cathartic.  At first, I felt foolish for being so weak, for being so moved by something that is insignificant in the grand scheme.  But then, I realized, that when it comes to issues concerning the heart, I am fragile.  There are other things in which I exhibit strength, but when it comes to anything having to do with heartbreak, I am a wreck.

Mourning the end of a dream.  Awakening from almost a year of imaginings and wishings and hopings.  It’s a rather cataclysmic change to rise from such a Rip van Winkle-esque slumber and face the sun alone.  This period of adjustment, allowing my eyes to flutter until the light seems not so painful, will pass.  And then, another journey begins.


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