Blah, Blah, Blah, Drink!

Oh what fun!  For those who do not know me, I do not often drink to excess.  I can count on two hands the total times I have done so.  Last night was the all-time epic… yes, I was more inebriated than I have ever been.  And, I have to say, I had a blast!  No, I was not attempting to regain lost youth, or trying to turn back the clock.  What happened was…  my friend and I, who have gone through some stresses lately with our jobs, with each other, and just with life in general, decided that we would make it our mission on Friday night to get drunk and go dancing.  Why?  A need to allow ourselves to give up control?  No, more likely just embracing the sense that our lives are anything but in control.

Why, you may ask, was it fun?  Because there was no pressure, other than to enjoy ourselves.  We just wanted to be incredibly silly and act irresponsibly.  Well, as irresponsibly as two “goody-two-shoes” as ourselves could ever act.  The scorecard for me was an astonishing 7 beers and two Kamikazes.  Now, I understand this may not paint me in the best light.  My only defense is that I really almost never do this.  And probably will not again for a long time!  It is an unwritten rule that I insist on maintaining control over my faculties as much as possible.  I have never blacked out, and have never experienced “time loss”.  You know, that’s when you can’t remember what happened…  I remember everything (basically) that occurred.  And it was fun!!  Dancing with my sister and my friends.  Acting silly.  But never losing control – aside from visiting the restroom about 73 times.  My stomach did get a little queasy at the end of the night, and, for the first time in my personal history, I woke up with a terrible headache.  But that was dispatched easily with a handful of ibuprofen.  Ah, the reckoning.

My best friend had a great time as well, although she experienced some “time loss”.  She did absolutely nothing that could be considered embarrassing or risque.  But she did dance closely with me, which, I admit, was an experience that was more than a little pleasurable.  But nothing I would dwell upon, as alcohol just makes us both flirtatious and we can both safely flirt with one another.  Silly fun.  The great thing about her, about both of us really, is that we are neither sloppy nor psycho drunks.  We don’t end up passed out on the floor or at the wrong end of a bar brawl.  No, alcohol just brings out the silliness in us.  And loosens some minor inhibitions.  But neither of us seem to have our worst qualities enhanced, as unfortunately happens to some.

Actually, I recall having a great time once in college with a close friend of mine which involved beer, a video camera, and a CD of TV Theme Songs.  Oh, the crazy skits that we preserved on video! I wonder if she still has it?  More silly, inebriated fun saved for the ages!

Still, I am happy to return to drinking in moderation for the foreseeable future.  I’ve had my fun, but I need time to recover!


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