Today was a day of discovery.  There are some gorgeous trails in La Crosse about which I was completely ignorant.  A very beautiful person introduced me to these trails, which are part of the Mississippi Valley Conservancy. The first trail we hiked was in an old stone quarry.  Nature has reclaimed much of its beauty in the area and it gives some glimpses of some great views.  But the piece de resistance was a trail that led out to a bluff just opposite Granddad’s Bluff above the Hixton Forest Area.  The view of the Coulee Region from that perch is truly a million dollar view.  And on a day as bright as today, the views were especially breathtaking.

My muscles are already beginning to complain a little, but this hike today was so worth any muscle rebellion!  Not least of which was a very pleasant and thoughtful surprise – a nice picnic of hot tea and banana bread.  Considering the night of inebriation and dancing that preceded this excursion (fun though it was!), it was a welcome counterpoint.  Even now I feel refreshed and recharged.  This beautiful person seems to know just what my psyche needs.  It’s great to meet and be with someone with whom you can converse at length on any number of topics.  Yes, she is quite intelligent as well! I haven’t given her too much a glimpse into the silly side of me.  Not because I am hiding that facet of myself (those who know me understand that is one of life’s impossibilities!), but because it just has not come up.  Yet…  We are still uncovering each other piece by piece and that spirit of discovery can be exciting.

I still am unsure if this meeting of two minds will lead anywhere other than a rewarding friendship, but I find myself really enjoying spending time with her.  This mutual respect for new ideas and new experiences is invigorating.  And she was the most beautiful part of this very beautiful day.


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