Valentine’s Eve

Ah, the true joy of friendship.  No really, I mean it.  I am not trying to be flip or sarcastic or cynical.  I really dig friendship. Tonight was another example of how much a good friendship means.  Spent a wonderful evening just hanging out with my best friend.  (The truth is, all my friends are my best friend, and I am theirs, whenever we need each other to be… that is the nature of friendship) We talked and connected and, most important, we laughed.  A lot.  Nothing better than that.

And, in the fortunate turn of events of late, there is even someone on whom to shower a small measure of romanticism at this time of year.  I like her.  And I am liking her more the more I discover about her.  At first, it seemed like we had so little really in common.  But one thing we do seem to share is an interest in the interests of each other.  Three weekends, three dates – that is such a loaded word, isn’t it?  They were three conversations.  Good ones at that.  The most recent was the best because we cracked through the surface talk and started digging a little deeper… about past relationships, passions, values.  And it is liberating to finally be present with her without any ambiguous feelings toward Ooma affecting me.

And, for the first time in my life, romantic-type things are moving at a leisurely pace.  This weekend will make four weekends in a row we have gotten together.  This time it’s closer to home for me and we’re checking out an art museum.  Looking forward to sharing that passion.

Eh, maybe this will result in friendship rather than anything else.  I don’t know, and honestly, I am just enjoying the journey.  Hmmm, now isn’t that something…



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