Interview, Part Deux

1. a. List five foods and/or drinks do you always have on hand. (points for odd!)

Couscous – I have a love-love affair with this particular foodstuff.  I love-love it.

Raspberry green tea or Peach iced tea – flavored cold teas have become my mead of choice.

Does Sriracha count as a food?  I put it on anything that I can.

Frozen meals – because sometimes, convenience rules!

Boil in the Bag Pasta – I know, ridiculous, but it is the perfect portion for someone like me, who exercises a severe lack of portion control.

b. List five foods and/or drinks that you would _like_ to be able to say that you always have on hand.

Quality beer – for the friends I never invite to visit my apartment

Fresh vegetables – unfortunately, I have a habit of letting them rot (see convenience, above)

Pineapple – I really like pineapple and should have more on hand for when I crave it

Andouille sausage – an odd choice, I know, but a good Gumbo requires it

A good wine – see quality beer, above

2. Describe the last time that you held a baby (human or otherwise).

The last time I held a baby was at a barbershop singers concert.  My best friend’s son’s girlfriend was babysitting and brought the little tyke to the concert.  I, of course, was immediately charmed, as I have no resistance to the wiles of toddlers.  He became restless, so I hastened with him to the back of the concert venue and held him.  It was nice, and the first time I had held a little one since P.  It made me miss him again, but was totally worth it.

3. What does it mean to be a “fan”? Do you consider yourself a fan? About/toward what/whom?

A fan is not necessarily someone who dresses up as whatever they admire or camps out days before a concert or movie opening.  I think fandom is another manifestation of passion and everyone exhibits their own level of fandom.  And, it certainly does not preclude criticism of whatever you may be admiring.  Good bands make crappy music sometimes.

By that definition, I am a fan of many things: music in general (specifically I am a big fan of Foo Fighters, They Might Be Giants, Husker Du, and countless other bands in and out of the mainstream), movies (truly too many favorites to list, but includes The Princess Bride, Shaun of the Dead, the original original Star Wars trilogy, and the Harry Potter films), NFL football (specifically the Minnesota Vikings), food (a distinct weakness for anything spicy and exotic), laughter (doing it, hearing it and being the cause of it), romanticism (duh!), liberal politics, and historical non-fiction.

4. Did you ever, as a child, believe that you’d gotten away with something, only to realize much later that your parent(s), teacher, etc., had allowed it to pass, for whatever reason? (For example, my former spouse tried to smoke his grandfather’s cigar when he was around 6 years old. He realized only when telling me the story – probably 15 years later – that there is no way his mom didn’t smell it on him, much less see the green in his gills!) If so, do you think the lesson was learned appropriately?

I never was a crafty child.  But I do recall shoplifting a magazine, thinking I had gotten away with it, being found out and then taken back to the store to return what I had stolen.  A lesson well-learned.  Have not pocketed anything illicitly since.

5. Your name has been outlawed, or all memory of it wiped from human memory. You need a new designator. Henceforth, you shall be known as:

I would probably choose the name Michael.  Not Mike… Michael.  Have always liked that name, for some reason.

But, if it would be chosen by popular default, it would be Bruce.  Apparently anyone who has trouble recalling my name defaults to Bruce.  It happened just this past week, again.  Strange.  Maybe we all do live parallel lives in different realities…


3 thoughts on “Interview, Part Deux

  1. My former spouse was regularly called Steve. It was, as you know, not his name.

    My parents often called me the cat’s name. _sigh_

    (The pineapple cous-cous idea came from something my mom makes called Frog Eye Salad. Typical of our native land, very weird, and insanely, addictively delicious.)

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