Dear God,

Thanks for a really good December and January.  One of the better ones in recent memory.

So, it’s been an interesting February so far.  As you know, this month has always seemed to be a low point in the year, attitude-wise, for me.  Heck, I found it hard to get really excited about something about which I should be ecstatic.  That’s just not right.

Was reminded of the story of Job this past Sunday.  I’m certainly no Job.  That’s a mighty high standard for anyone to achieve, and the truth is, that I don’t come close in any way.  I’m sorry for not being more thankful for all the wonderful little things you do for everyone.  And for the wonderful big things you do!

Right now, I’m frustrated and angry and hurting a little.  I know I have more reasons to smile than to not smile, but I have found that difficult lately.  I’ve never been one to put on a happy face.  What you see is what you get.  I need to realize that there are good and beautiful things in my life and grab hold of them.  I need your help with that.

Patience.  How many things has my impatience cost me in my life?  Too many.  Can you help me work on that, too?  See, there is someone in my life that I am deathly afraid of losing because of my impatience, and I don’t know that I could bear that.  She’s inspired me to do a lot of good things.  I think I need her.  Is that ok?

See, now I’m crying.  Emotions.  I do like them.  One of your best ideas.  Thanks for them.  But, the negative ones can be a burden.  Of course, that’s not your fault, and it does make the good ones more valuable.  But man, they can be a little rough.

Who am I to complain?  There are so many who need your attention more than I, and certainly deserve it more.  So, I’m being pretty selfish here in asking you for all this.  But, you see, I’m not a terribly strong person.  I need some help.

Anyway, many friends have assured me that you have a plan.  You probably do, but we humans have a way of trying to inflict our free will into it.  Or, we try with our limited knowledge to understand it.  But then, that’s all part of it, isn’t it?  Questions.  I know you’re in control and have it all figured out, but, you know, any glimpse into the answers would be helpful right now… maybe.

So, can you please help this weak human being make it through another day?  I’d sure like to stick around this place and smile a little more, if that’s alright with you.

Thanks.  For all of this.


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