The Catalyst of Roses

How appropriate that at this time of year I would be having a crisis of romantic faith.  On the one hand, there is a new and attractive possibility.  But one that, so far, lacks the fundamental connectivity of shared passions.  We are very different and it is difficult to pinpoint what might have brought us together in the first place.  Still, she is kind, intelligent, beautiful and a fine conversationalist.

On the other hand is the deep and abiding connection with someone of whom I have written endlessly here.  She is also beautiful, kind and patient, and a joy to be around.  And we share so many complementary aspects.  But really, is there any hope there?  Ever?   Or is it merely a dream I insist on keeping alive for the sake of my sense of romanticism?  Regarding either question, so many things point to yes, some others point to no.

I must admit, I have never felt so connected to someone as I do to her.  But if that connection functions only in one direction, how strong is it, really?

Or is this a matter of patience, of allowing life to flow and accepting what happens?   One part of me wants to be patient, but the other part of me sees that as a betrayal of what I really feel in my heart.  At what point do I pursue the end I desire?  In truth, I know exactly what I want.  But, barring getting exactly what I want, will I be willing to accept what is given to me?


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