An Open Letter (Unsent)

This is a letter that will never be sent, but it demanded to be written down and shared…

So, I woke up this morning thinking of you.  Nothing specific, just your face, smiling at me.  Why is it that I cannot stop thinking about you?  I apologize if that makes you uncomfortable, but it makes me feel so good.  It seems as though I cannot spend enough time with you.  You would think at this point I would be able to be content even when I am not near you, but I still mark off time using my time with you as mileposts.

I do love being near you every chance I get.  It’s certainly the smiles and laughter, but I believe it’s also the comfort of being around someone who seems to “get me” and someone to whom I never tire of listening.  It doesn’t matter if what we are talking about seems mundane to someone looking in from the outside, it is always fascinating to me.

You have shown me things that you consider weaknesses and I just don’t see them that way.  They are a part of the complete picture of you, and I honestly treasure those parts of you as much as I treasure everything else about you.

Sometimes the blood rushes to my face and my eyes swell with tears just thinking about you – it’s that joyous.  You understand that I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  It is lovely being your friend, more than words could ever express.  But I admit my heart still remains selfish enough to desire you.


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