Stream of Sentimental Consciousness

Feeling a bit of romantic yearning, so please forgive me this self-indulgence…

You are the most beautiful woman in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are happy or angry or if you talk or sit in silence. Each breath I spend with you is better than the last. I have tried to shake this desire, to leave it sitting at the side of the road like an abandoned car. I want desperately to tell you. To share this passion with you. To let you know that your beauty and your patience and your unwavering kindness inspires dreams. But it would mean the end of time. The end of laughter and smiles and embraces and glances. I want to be able to sit and drink beer and wine with you. I want to hear about your day and tell you of mine. But I want you to know more than anything that I love you. That the thought of not being around you chills me to my core. That nothing moves me and helps me and pushes me to be a better man than the thought of you.  I love you and I can’t help myself.


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