What Have You Done For Me Lately?

What a thoroughly twisted day.  On the one hand, the first significant snow of the season is occurring and coating everything in wonderful whiteness.  On the other hand, no matter what I do today, somehow and in some way I end up looking like a complete idiot.

For example, a customer ordered some parts from us.  The hitch is that the customer revised their purchase order and took those parts off the order 9it was a very lengthy order).  Apparently, I neglected to remove those parts from our job schedule.  Now, to make things even weirder, I also neglected to order the material we needed to make those parts.  So, today, I discover the material has not been ordered, so I order it and confess to my mistake.  Then, I discover that the parts are not even needed, so we technically don’t even need the material. ( We’re ordering the material anyway so that we have it in stock for future orders.)  So, basically, I was an idiot twice on something that, if i had done it right the first time, would have made me look relatively normal.

Then, one of the guys comes in from the shop and says we are short some seals for an assembly, which I found odd, since we had ordered more than enough.  We looked and looked and could not locate them.  Our VP of Ops returned from lunch and when I appraised him of the situation, he said, “Well, they must be back there.”  So, mumbling under my breath that I had already looked,  I went back and looked again… they were sitting in a clear bag, clearly marked, right on the table in plain sight.  Yeah.

I am completely afraid to move or do anything at this point.

Some days you just feel like nothing breaks your way.  I should be thankful that for the past couple weeks, as I have had an amazingly good run of luck and fun.  Odd how one day of blech can put a damper on that.


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