A Non-Resolution Resolution

The week following Christmas was one of the best I have had in along time.  It was a sustained parade of friends, family and good times.

It began with meeting an intelligent, wise and interesting friend for lunch and conversation that lasted four hours.  It was a conversation that seemed to end too quickly.  The evening continued with a pizza dinner with my dearest friend and her family that evening.

Later that week, I spent a wonderful evening with good friends.  We drank a little, ate a little and had the kind of evening that results in laughter, stories, and possibilities for the future.

Friday was dancing, including a slow dance (admittedly, my favorite kind considering the company).  The evening ended with a series of friendly hugs that seemed to never want to stop.  I can’t possibly express in words the warm effect that had on this old “heart-on-his-sleeve” romantic.  It is amazing what the love a friend can accomplish in one’s life.

New Year’s Eve was spent in the quirky world of another dear friend and her family.  I use quirky solely as a term of endearment, as there are few things I value more than the glory of quirkiness.  Consider that there was a lefse taste test, a couple of games, and a brand new keyboard, and believe me, it was a worthy way to ring in a New Year.

Sunday was family time, and though I was still exhausted from the night before, I always treasure time with my family.  And even though they lost, I enjoyed watching the Vikings play.

Sure, there are still small heartbreaks in my life.  Desire and dreams have a way of keeping some things always just out of reach.  But I have spent too much time on that and missed some of the magic in my life.

I find myself wanting these magical experiences more and more often, which is a distinct reversal of the mental state I was in only one year ago.  I’ve always been a little selfish, but this kind of selfishness – the desire to be around people as much as possible who make my life full and happy and interesting – seems like a GOOD kind of selfishness.

My life is blessed with amazing people, and I hope to let them know how amazing they are every chance I get this year.


2 thoughts on “A Non-Resolution Resolution

  1. Four hour lunch?! That must’ve been a lot of lutefisk.

    You could think of your ‘selfishness’ another way–that each and all of those people want to be with you, just as often, just as much.

    • Ah, my friend, once again your wisdom humbles me. You are correct, I do need to see my value to others. But objectivity when it comes to myself has never been a strength. I think I need to expound on this with the interview questions. They are going to take a little time, but I am excited to get to them!

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