Happened upon a very odd revelation this evening that may explain a few things…  Ooma is nearly the exact opposite of J.

J – sarcastic.  Funny but sarcastic.    Ooma – Funny, but much less sarcastic

J – boisterous and loud.  Ooma – more reserved and refined, kinda.

J- blonde.  Ooma – dark haired.

J – curvy.  Ooma – thin.

J – loves movies and TV.  Ooma – not a big movie or TV watcher.

J – prefers relaxing.  Ooma – prefers being active.

J – prefers the indoors.  Ooma – loves the outdoors.

J – critical. Ooma – encouraging.

J- non-religious. Ooma – quite religious.

J – younger than me.  Ooma – older than me.

J – great singing voice.  Ooma – ok singing voice.

They both have great laughs.  Really.

J – more liberal politically.  Ooma – more conservative politically.

Suddenly seems obvious why my heart was drawn to Ooma.  Of course, there are many more reasons… she’s endlessly kind and accommodating, we share some personality traits, our backgrounds and families are similar.  But all these characteristics that set her apart from J had to be working on at least a subconscious level.  And those close to me say that when I am around Ooma, they see a better person come out of me.  Nice to have a friend that brings out good things like that.

Anyway, just found it interesting.


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