The Mathematics of Stupidity

Why are some people so determined to undermine themselves?  Isn’t it infuriating when someone makes the same mistakes repeatedly? You would think logic and consequence would ultimately take over and reveal the self-defeating trend and force one to a better mode of operation.  Sadly, not in this case.  I guess that characteristic is what separates the Albert Einstein’s and Steve Jobs’ of the world from me and Lindsey Lohan.

Sorry, no details on these mistakes because I find them so personal and embarrassing that I cannot even share them here.  Suffice it to say that [Time x (Mood – Rational Thought)] + (Lack of Perspective x Compulsion) = Stupidity.  Infinite stupidity.  Thankfully, I am the only one who knows the details and the depths of stupidity in this case, which you would think would have a calming effect.  But remorse never lets one completely escape consequence.  Please don’t worry,  these were not historically stupid, like a some things in my past  – just  really, really dumb.  Of course, maybe that should be crime.

Yet, twice as thankfully, I refer you to the following equation, which is what gives me hope…  [(Honesty x Encouragement)(Family + Friends)] + Self[(Understanding x Patience)/(Faith + (Forgiveness – Guilt))] = Healing + Optimism


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