Two Days of Hades

Well, that was an incredibly negative couple of days.  Thursday began with me getting all the way to the drive thru to order breakfast before realizing my money was at home, safe and sound.  So, after getting to work late, the day became an ever-spiraling downward vortex of needs, complaints, mistakes, and miscommunication.  We have all had days like that I am sure, when what you’d expect should be a nice day turns completely to crud.  And, in typical fashion, I became morose.  I did exercise though.  That’s a plus.  It was such a downer day that I was in bed by 8:30.  Just wanted it over.

Then Friday showed up and I awoke in one of the fouler moods I can recall.  I also awoke angry at one of the people in my life with whom I have no reason at all to be upset.  My belief is that there was a dream in which this person did something that angered me, and though there was no recollection of the dream itself, I woke up with all the wonderful emotional side effects.  Plus, when in a mood like that, it is so easy to take anthills and mold them into mountains.  The slightest snub or perceived slight becomes an agonizing obsession.  So, the rest of the day, while not on the same level as Thursday, was filled with lethargy, antipathy, and downright melancholy.  No exercise, instead I opted for a drive down to Buffalo Wild Wings to drown my sorrows in some spicy garlic boneless wings – a sad and hollow exercise in comfort eating.  Just needed to get out of Dodge for the afternoon.  Then I treated myself to an aimless, meandering walk in the small downtown area of the tiny river town I now call home.

Finally, the mood lifted around 9 pm.  No trumpets or heraldry, just a kind of slow relief.  It’s not entirely gone, but it certainly overstayed its welcome this time.  And I do need it to be gone for a while, as there are some folks in my life who could use me at my emotional best right now.




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