Passion Renewed

Don’t get your hopes up… this is not going to be a lurid romance novel reenactment of any wild sensual escapades.  You see, I have realized how fulfilling it is to feel real passion about someone on many levels.  And the wonderful thing about the renewal of this passion is that it happened because of small gestures.

While out with a friend last night, she and I were talking and she said some wonderful things in passing that have lingered with me and made me realize just how much passion she elicits and how much I enjoy who I am when around her.  She received some feedback at work indicating that someone thought she was unapproachable. (Hint: She is TOTALLY approachable)  She said, “I thought, well Brian would certainly disagree with that!” (See?)  It’s small, it’s probably inconsequential.  But  the idea that in the midst of this she thought about how we relate to each other as friends really made me melt inside.  And she also said she likes that I can make her smile and laugh.  Again, simply kind words, but they resonated with me, because making someone smile and laugh is so very important to me at a subatomic level.

And finally, three beautiful seconds of her hand in mine.  She had been drinking and was a little off-balance, I offered a hand and she took it.  We walked back to the table hand-in-hand and I gave hers a squeeze and she squeezed back and we let go.  Such a small event, but I am a tactile person and to me, it was an electric moment.  No, I have no illusions about what it meant.  It was two friends and one of them was a little buzzed.  But that does not diminish the joy it brought me.  By the way, she has great hands.  They are soft, but they know hard work at the same time. (OK, let’s be totally honest here, there is definitely a part of me who would love to have things develop into something more, but I really like having her as a friend)

I am not a detail-oriented person by any means, but it really is the small things in life that give me joy.

Honestly, I am so damn happy right now to be inspired again that I can hardly contain myself.  It’s good to have a muse, and this friend just happens to be a  very effective one.


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