Dissection, Part 2

My moods are so fickle.  And it is far too easy to get mired down in a negative one.  Wish I could get trapped in a positive one more often!

My eating habits took a turn for the worse this week as I opted for convenience over health, and that may be one of the primary causes behind my dreary perspective.  Also, before yesterday, it had been three days since I had walked.  My body is probably staging a coup of sorts, starting with my emotions.  Well, maybe another walk today will help stave that off.

Some possible good news came my way in the form of my health insurance.  I need to call and confirm, but it might reimburse me $20 per month for a YMCA membership, which would be awesome!  Another reason to get healthy and stay that way.

I am certainly not a detail-oriented person, so why is it that small things effect me so much, for better and worse?  A smile, a laugh, a snub, a tone… weird.

Still really enjoy the drive home every night.  That six-mile stretch between work and home can be so beautiful.  Yesterday, it was a little eerie as the sun was shining to the north, but the bluffs were blanketed in dark gray, low-hanging clouds.  Very “rain-forest-esque”.

Funny how sometimes I long to be a hermit, or at the very least a temporary loner, and yet I bemoan feeling lonely.  What’s that about?

Today I was angry at someone for no other reason than I wanted to be angry at that person.  What is THAT about?

Maybe tomorrow I can peel off another layer and find some answers or direction.  Maybe not.


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