The Anti-King Midas Touch

You may be familiar with the story of King Midas, who wished for the ability to turn whatever he touched to gold.  Of course, it ended up being a curse, as it was impossible for him to eat anything or touch anyone.  Well, imagine a touch that did not turn things to gold, but made things fail completely.  Yes, the anti-Midas touch, easily as much a curse as the original.

Welcome to my week… it seemed as if everything, no matter how seemingly insignificant, wilted under my care.  A series of ridiculous mistakes at work, a series of ridiculous mistakes in my personal life, and a serious dent in my diet and exercise regimen.  It is interesting how much a series of setbacks, even small ones, can snowball and sour one’s mood.  That sour mood bleeds over into other things, and soon, your experiences become a weird downward spiral.  You being making assumptions that are negative, you view every setback as part of a series rather than individual happenstance, and soon that sour mood becomes absolutely toxic.  There seems nothing to do but simply wait out the storm.  And so… patience.  Until then, however, I do not get the advantage of living in a cave.  So, if I should run into you in the next couple days, please forgive me if I should have a small dark cloud temporarily over my head.  It will soon pass.  I think…


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